Shoot. Edit. Listen. Animate.

Though I’ve been dabbling since the late 90’s, my skills shooting and editing videos with FinalCut, Premier and After Effects have really started to come together in the last 10 years. Lately I’ve been directing and co-producing a series of short “thought leadership” videos at Maximus. These are based on a ±1 minute, non-sell, commentary with supplementary animated infographics.

The series link is here.
[a few I did not edit/animate]

More Videos

Child Support App

Promotional video for the Maximus Child Support App. Storyboarded, shot, VO recording, and editing. (1:50)

Paternity 101

I creative directed and animated this PSA video for establishing paternity. (3:12)

BEAS Program

I shot and edited this look in to the Maximus BEAS program for SSI or SSDI benefits. (2:22)

Three-D Too
I’ve been dabbling in 3D modeling and animation for years, as well as using Flash and After Effects.