Most of what makes the difference between publishing professional-looking documents is not the tools (though they help) but the know how.

Better ‘office’ publishing and design

The ‘blog’ section of this site is intended to address some common ‘office’ publishing and design improvements; things that I get asked a lot — or wish people would ask me. So, in response to the question “how can I make this better?”, there are usually some things that “you” can do to make your document, publication or presentation more effective, which invariably makes it look better. And they usually fall under three of my main mantras:

  • Consider Context
  • Reduce Redundancy
  • Commit to Consistency


Better (visual) communication

One of the keys to effective visual communication is that impression you get when you see a photo of a closet from the Container Store or IKEA. It’s not just that most things are in bins, but that the bins are lined up and stacked large to small, and only one or two pressed (color-coordinated) shirts are hung up, etc. It looks accessible (“I can find things here”)  which  makes a positive impression – “this looks like a quality presentation by someone who knows what they’re talking about”.  There’s the rub and the motivation, it’s that documented, proven, scientific  perception that the way things look reflects on their integrity.

So, in the coming posts I hope to help equip and empower the average Joes and Joannes to actually increase your integrity (or at least the appearance if it) through better visual communication (aka ‘graphic design’).