Local and international brand designs I've created, including an event logo.

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Corporate videos I have shot and edited with animated graphics and audio sweetening.

Let's See


Recent examples of esteemed interactive digital publications I've designed.

Let's See

More Capabilities

  • Illustration

    With experience “drawing” digitally and with traditional media, infographics and photo montages count too.
  • Websites

    I have experience coding and structuring web with HTML and CSS, and have used a number of different CMS environments and DreamWeaver.
  • Posters

    A classic portfolio item, over the years I’ve been able to do a variety of poster designs from local to international.
  • Photography

    I have a growing range of shooting experience from product shots and corporate portraits to sporting and editorial event coverage.
  • Music

    I’ve been composing and recording music since I was a teenager, in a variety of styles, with some recognition.
  • Animation

    I’ve been dabbling in 3D modeling and animation for years, as well as using Flash and After Effects.

Better Design Basics

The ‘blog’ section of this site is intended to address some common ‘office’ publishing and design improvements; things that I get asked a lot — or wish people would ask me. There are usually some things that can be done to make an office document, publication or presentation more effective, which invariably makes it look better. I have three main mantras that guide the process:

Consider the Context

Reduce Redundancy

Commit to Consistency

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